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As soon as she steps up to a microphone, singer/songwriter Torrie Patterson comes alive. 


She has been singing since she was old enough to talk, but it was only recently that Torrie accepted her gift.  "I took it for granted for far too many years that I had a voice that people wanted to hear, but I know now that its not just a gift, it's what God is calling me to do," she says.

Her look is as unique as her voice.  With a small frame, her "big" hair commands the attention of the audience before her very first note.  She comes from a small town of Farmville, Virginia. Raised in the church, she spent many of her Sundays traveling with her father and mother listening to their quartet band.  But now, Torrie has a song of her own, able to easily range from tenor to high soprano notes.  Her passion for singing is clear and she is now ready to share it beyond church walls and be a blessing to those under the sound of her voice.

Torrie is the founder of a non-profit organization called We Understand Youth Outreach, an organization that provides free services and programs to youth in Prince Edward County, Virginia.

She is the proud mother of Kamerin Welton and Mya Patterson and resides in Farmville, Virginia with her husband, and supporter, Donny Patterson.

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